Memphis Brows


This is not your typically fast fix salon that just cleans up the stray hairs and works with what you have. Memphis Brows is a place that takes eyebrows to the next level, by tweezing. By having your brows tweezed, you can avoid stretching the skins elasticity, being burned or ending up with uneven brows. If preformed correctly, tweezing is better for the skin, lasts longer and is more precise then other methods of hair removal. Memphis Brows is here to improve and enhance your brows to their fullest potential. A brow that is correctly shaped, contouring your own facial structure, can open your eyes and make them appear brighter, as if you have had an eye lift. With proper brow shaping, you can bring your best features out while minimizing the flaws.


5160 Sanderlin Ave Ste 7

Memphis, TN 38117



Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Call or text for your appointment.